Our Features

Real-time Fleet Tracking

This is the the base function which allows you to track all fleet team simultaneously in one screen from your PC and Mobile. You are able to view and follow the status of your fleet team in real-time like engine on or off, speed, fuel level, odometer, PTO state, addresses of their current location and etc. An addition point of our service is that all tracking data will be kept for 12 months in the server database for history playback and reference purpose.

Real-time Fuel Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of fuel level is possible through our devices. The refill time, volume of fuel and location of each vehicle can be seen as real-time display. Besides, the most important aspect of this monitoring is to detect the time and volume of fuel theft. Daily fuel usage of each vehicle for the entire fleet team can be summarised in one single report after one click.

Cargo Temperature Monitoring

Our devices enable real-time cargo temperature reading whereby the maximum and minimum temperature of the cargo at each point of location can be seen real-time and is visualised on map. All of the temperature readings and locations recorded will be summarised in one report daily. Temperature alerts will be triggered and sent via email once the temperature is not in the optimum range.

Driver ID Recording

Through our driver ID tag you are able to track your drivers real-time and this eases the confusion of which driver is currently driving your company vehicle. The driver is required to scan through the device using their ID tag in order to ignite the vehicle engines. Once scanned the names of the drivers will be recorded. Accidents and summons involving the company vehicles can be traced and the driver involved can be clearly known. The drivers' salary and overtime computation therefore can also be made known through the ID scanned upon starting the vehicles.

Fleet Maintenance Notification

Our system provides reminders of the status of engine hour, odometer and time interval through maintenance notifications which can be pre-set as of what duration or distance preferred. Once the pre-set valule is reached the owner will be reminded and maintenance can be scheduled and done accordingly.This too applies to engine service, Puspakom checking, insurance & roadtax renewal and etc which the appropriate duration can be set as reminders. Once the action is taken the owner/management can log into the system and it will be set to a new cycle.

Dispatch Jobs to Drivers

The management can dispatches all jobs online to drivers through our mobile app in which their daily tasks are clearly stated to avoid confusion. The starting and completion time are recorded once the driver presses on the task. The app also acts as an navigator in which drivers especially the new recruits can save time finding the next location. In cases of urgent/suddenly added task the managgement can easily search for the nearest driver available and dispatch the tasks. Monitoring of all the drivers is in real time and the status of task completed can be seen by the management.

Daily Delivery Route Optimisation

With our route optimisation module, daily route sequence for each drivers can be planned using our system. No more moving in "star route" which is money and time saving. Nevertheless, priorities and urgencies can be set and the whole new route will be regenerated. Besides, with the built-in navigation new drivers are empowered to work independently on the first day of duty.

Mobile Tracking

Our mobile tracking app converts all smart phone into a Gps Tracker. This enables the management to track all field workers in real time without needing to install a tracker on their vehicles. With the app the working hours and the places travelled by the workers are easily make known.

Alerts to Offices and Person-in-charge

Many types of alerts can be pre-set and will be sent to the owners once happened to notify for caution and action. The alerts can range from fuel theft, temperature out of preset range, long ldling, out or in geofence, engine start in abnormal day or hour, battery low or cut, over-speeding and many others.

Management Reporting

All of the features used such as Trip and Idle, Geofence, Overspeed, Alerts, Maintenance, Dispatch Job, Driver, Fuel Refill & discharge & Usage, PTO and many others can be summarised into reports. The reports enhance the control  towards their workers and the effectiveness of the management.

Vehicle Camera

Coming Soon